Competition Rules & Regulations

We follow the Swedish Football Association's official competition rules. A complet list of rules can be found by clicking on the link below.


Disciplinary Actions
Information pertaining to severe rule violations/misconduct may be passed on to the team/player's local/national football district/association.

Most of Eskilscupens referees come from Skånes Fotbollsförbund (Skånes Football Association).

Eskilscupen is sanctioned by both the Swedish Football Association and Skånes Football Association.

Playing Time
The playing time is 2x15 minutes for 7v7 player divisions and 2x20 minutes for 9v9 and 11v11 divisions. Tied playoff games are settled through a penalty shootout.

2018 Divisions





B16 born 2002 - 11v11 (Division A)

B15 born 2003 - 11v11 (Division B)

B14 born 2004 - 11v11 (DivisionC)

B13 born 2005 - 11v11(Division D)

B13 born 2005 - 9v9 (Division E)

B12 born 2006 - 7v7 (Division F)

B11 born 2007 - 7v7 (Division G)

B10 born 2008 - 7v7 (Division H)

F16 born 2002 - 11v11 (Division I)

F15 born 2003 - 11v11 (Division J)

F14 born 2004 - 11v11 (Division K)

F13 born 2005 - 11v11 (Division L)

F13 born 2005 - 9v9 (Division M)

F12 born 2006 - 7v7  (Division N)

F11 born 2007 - 7v7  (Division O)

F10 born 2008 - 7v7  (Division P)*

Division P:

Only Played Saturday and Sunday.