Register your team's participation before June 1st via Eskilscupen's website. Each division has a quota, so divisions may fill up prior to the deadline.

Team Fee

The team/starting fee is 1400 SEK per team for:
Teams with School Accommodation.
(900 SEK for teams in the P Division - Girls 10).

The team/starting fee is 1400 SEK per team for:
Teams residing at hotels and purchases their meals through Eskilscupen.

The team/starting fee is 1795 SEK per team for:
Teams with no overnight accommodation,

Teams with privatly arranged meals and lodging.

Player Participation Fee

The school accommodation and meal cost is 1125 SEK per person, including leaders. Teams with overnight accommodation in Division P (Girls 10) only pay 975 SEK.

For hotel quotes, call +4642-6005200 or email:

The Player Participation Fee shall be paid no later than
June 1stvia bankgiro 5809-7528.


SE32 8000 0821 4998 3669 4761



Additional Services Per Team Per Person Per Person
Transfer from Train Station (Round Trip HBG City). 700:-    
Access to Tournament Bus Service   100:-  
Additional Meals (Per Meal):      
Breakfast     45:-
Lunch     80:-
Dinner     80:-
Additional school nights (per night)
(thurs-fri is included).
Additional Ticket to the Leaders Event
 (2 is included in the Team fee for teams with cup overnight accomodations).