Sävedalens IF P13 Röd

Registration number: 201906
Registrator: Tina Karlsson Log in
Primary shirt color: Red
Secondary shirt color: Black
Leader: Gunnar Englund
Lulzim Kransnic
In addition to the two Sävedalens teams, 94 other teams played in Pojkar 13, 9-manna. They were divided into 24 different groups, whereof Sävedalens IF Röd could be found in Group 19 together with Högaborgs BK, IF Centern and Lunds BK 1.

Sävedalens IF Röd continued to Slutspel C after reaching 4:th place in Group 19. In the playoff they made it to 1/4 Final, but lost it against Dalen/Krokslätts FF with 5-6. In the Final, Förslöv / Bjäre United won over Hovås Billdal IF City and became the winner of Slutspel C in Pojkar 13, 9-manna.

6 games played


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